Book your stay in Dehradun — there are times when you don’t get time to take off and leave for abroad or somewhere far from your city and leaving the city for a few days might seem just impossible sometimes. There is so much that you are indulged in and even getting out for two days can seem really difficult. And if it’s just the weekend we are talking about, the travel time eats into the days, leaving limited scope for exploration and entertainment.

We have a solution for you. All you need to do is book a flight to Dehradun and reach Hotel Forest Avenue, an amazing hotel situated in the heart of Dehradun. Book the best room and luxury services to spend two days unwinding and relaxing in midst of nature and peace. This is something you wouldn’t do normally. But planning an escape for a short period is always a good idea and what can better than a peaceful place like Dehradun and a Dehradun luxury hotel like Hotel Forest Avenue.

Feel at home, Hotel Forest Avenue, offers an easy and luxury accommodation in Dehradun. The area surrounding the hotel is so serene that one feels completely relaxed and rejuvenated. Waking up midst pristine green beauty is a dream come true here. Moreover, there are so many luxury amenities that you get from the hotel which includes free Wi-Fi connection, room dining facility, wake up call, sunshine lunch at roof top and more.

Guests at Hotel Forest Avenue rejoice the home like feeling and their favorite thing is to enjoy the surroundings, lush green forests and picturesque views. The hotel is situated in one of the best-rated locations in Dehradun. All the guests visiting this place are happy about it. The staff at the hotel is extremely humble and at your service whenever you need them. Surely, you will experience a nice cozy home stay here.

The ideal time to visit Dehradun is during monsoon, when the streams plunge down the hills and mountains with full vigor. One can also take a terrace walk to relish the spectacular view of the waterfalls and its surrounding.

Frankly, Dehradun is the best place to visit for a short weekend trip. Staying at a Dehradun luxury hotel which gives you a feel like home is a perfect way to spend time and immerse oneself into what the place has to offer.